• For a start, what's LIAPEI?
    LIAPEI is a trio from Glasgow.  We write and produce music in a variety of styles.  If we really had to then we'd describe it as bits of electronic, ambient, alternative, post-rock, industrial and spoken word.  We also make videos.

  • No, what's LIAPEI? The name. What does it mean?
    LIAPEI is an acronym.  It stands for Love Is A Privilege Earn It and comes from a Mint Sauce sticker by Jo Burt.

    We didn't think it meant anything until a lovely Chinese lady contacted us and said it was her name!

  • How do you pronounce LIAPEI?
    Honestly?  We don't know.  We thought it was a made up word.  We think it may be pronounced "Le-ah Pay" but we tend to say "Lye Pey" because that's what people started calling us, and who are we to argue with mob rule!

  • What have you released so far?
    We have released 3 EPs so far:

    • Summer (released Jan 2013)
    • Eschatology (released Oct 2013)
    • Two Weekends (released May 2014)

  • Has LIAPEI worked with any one else?
    We have worked with a few different people.  Recently we worked with SynoP from Holland, where we recorded a couple of spoken word parts that he had written, for his CD - 77 Bombers.  We also produced an Electro/Goth EP for a friend of ours, and we are currently working with someone else on a more chill out CD - we're providing the music.

  • So LIAPEI does collaborations with different people?
    We like to work with other people and as long as we have the time then we are open to ideas on new musical projects from anyone.
  • What is LIAPEI currently working on?
    • Continue promoting Two Weekends
    • Finish some videos for Two Weekends
    • Release a spoken word collection and an instrumental collection.
    • Finish writing and recording our first album and hopefully release it by the end of the year.

  • Where can I buy LIAPEI's EPs?
    Currently you can download our EPs from the LIAPEI store on Bandcamp.  
    The first two EPs are free to download (or you can leave a small donation), Two Weekends is available for £2.50 ( or more if you feel so inclined).

  • How can LIAPEI be contacted?
    Go to our contact page for details.